Fighting 59ers News · Football Super Square Sweepstakes Winners

Here are the winners for the 2021 Football Super Square Sweepstakes:
Won 2 quarters
A0112 was sold to Joe Nauracy by Nicky Flesher
Won 1 quarter
A0170 was sold to Jackie Kuykendall by Evan Kuykendall
A0171 was sold to Mike Schultz by Mitch Love
A0175 was sold to Kathy Foster by Mitch Love

A0176 was sold to Tori Foster by Mitch Love
A0179 was sold to Kevin Schutz by Mitch Love
A0328 was sold to Kevin Sullivan by Nick Sulllivan
A0426 was sold to Dian Barthel by Dylan Barthel
A0632 was sold to Reena Foster by Abbi Foster
A0657 was sold to Jim/Teri Maurer by Hannah Mauer
A0666 was sold to Eddie Morley by Sarah Morley
A0721 was sold to Steve/Kim Wright by Tony Scheub