Fighting 59ers News · Senior Spotlight: Angelena Green

Angelena is our lone senior on the softball team. See below to learn a little bit about her!
1.  What do I need to know about you?
One thing to know about me is that I like to work with other people so being apart of a team is fun for me.
2. What does success on the field/classroom mean to you?
Success on the field and in the classroom is very similar for me because both affect me in the same ways. If I do bad on a test, it is almost like losing a game.
3. What is the most creative thing you have done?
The most creative thing I have probably done would have to be was building a cat house when I was about 8 for a stray cat in my neighborhood out of sticks and wood, I wouldn’t be able to do that now that I look back on it, I do not think I am that creative anymore.
4. How do you respond to expectations?
I respond to expectations by trying my best to meet what the expectation is and if its not good enough and I tried my very best I am satisfied.
5.  What is your proudest moment?
My proudest moment is forgetting to write a paper that was due the next day so I wrote it the night before and still got an A on it!
6.  What is your personal philosophy?
My personal philosophy is to try to succeed at everything you do and if you can, at least try your best.
7. What is most important to you in life?
My family is probably the most important thing in my life along with a few of my very close friends who are almost family and I know I can count on.
8. Where does inner drive come from?
Inner drive comes from things that matter to you the most and that you develop a natural motivation for.
9. Do you put your cereal in the bowl before the milk or the milk in before the cereal? 
Usually I put the cereal first. That’s just me though. 
10. If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what would it be, and why?
probably some time of 80s or 90s song because it really sets of the vibe. Maybe like In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.
11. What would peanut butter be called if it wasn’t called peanut butter?
If peanut butter wasn’t called Peanut butter it could be called butter of a peanut.
12. You accidentally ate some radioactive pizza. The good news is it tasted great! The even better news is that its given you one superpower of your choice. What do you choose?
I would choose the power to freeze time so that me and only 4 other people could do stuff while everyone else is frozen.
13. What is your favorite combination of colors?
My favorite combination of colors is orange and pink because it reminds me of a sunset.
14. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Careful with this one, the debate will get heated…no joke!
No hot dogs just not a sandwich.
15. What is an unwritten rule in school that everyone knows anyway?
An unwritten rule in school that everyone knows anyway is not to remind teachers that there was homework or to assign homework.